Sunday, July 22, 2007

Regents Enjoying Topic Lecture from Lemuel and Stanga

The students have arrived at this year's MUDI and are already being immersed in the Africa topic. Members of the Regents program are currently enjoying an Introductory Topic Lecture from Georgia State University's Joel Lemuel and Emory University's Cheryl Stanga. The interactive lecture includes a discussion of:
  1. What The Topic Means
  2. Public Health Problems in Africa
  3. U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Africa
  4. Current Events

Joel's reference to the early-1990s television show Captain Planet went over the students' heads and made the staff feel old. Photos from the lecture are now available on Facebook.

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MKE2ATL said...

I must admit "Trouble" thought the lecture was cool,but dry!!!!!